Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Live reporting - Special Presentation

Senator Richard Ross

Senator Karen Spilka
Representative Jeffrey Roy

Presentation of a Senate Citation for Glenn Jones
in recognition for his service to Franklin

has been tirelessly working on economic development
Glenn will be back, his heart is in all of these issues
his students are reaping the benefits of his time

(photos to be added)

Senator Ross congratulations on working together for the past four years
working together with Senator Spilka to bring things back to Franklin

$1.5M for the SNETT trail work among recent accomplishments

listing of items done for Franklin, in the future when you have things coming down the pike, let us know, keep us informed and we'll help you
it is never an embarrassment to represent Franklin

Sen Spilka
thank you, surprising that it has been nine years representing Franklin
thank you for the close relationship that we have 

Trying to work with Best Buddies, Franklin has a special spot with this program
these are programs that enrich every bodies life

Franklin may be the first community to go from elementary through higher ed coordinating with the schools and Dean College

Commission on Status of Women, nine member commission
can decide for themselves the agenda and areas to target
very exciting, we rely on policy recommendations from groups like these
applications are due Sep 1

Rep Roy
it has been an honor and a privilege to represent Franklin as a team
Richard read off the laundry list of things we have delivered together
by working together collaboratively we are able to get a whole lot accomplished

the formula will be reviewed, to look at how schools and education is funded in MA, hopefully to see some increases in Chapter 70 money

thanks for the great presentation of Franklin when the Governor was able to visit, it sends a strong message about what the community is, I continue to hear positive things from that day

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