Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fun Workshop .... Living you Yoga

From Karen Ring:

I wanted to let you all know that I am running a 6 week workshop with Betsy Barry and Kathryn Nulf of Franklin Yoga & Wellness about "Living you Yoga and LOVING YOUR LIFE!!" (See below for the details)

Living you Yoga and LOVING YOUR LIFE!!
live a life you love
We will meet every Friday 6pm-8pm except Halloween we will meet Sunday Nov. 2nd 6pm-8pm. This all starts October 17th and runs through to Nov. 21st. Just in time for all the holidays!!! 

Enter this Holiday season with a clear, happy, healthy mind and a new outlook on your life :) SIGN UP HERE -->

Thank you for reading this email and if you ever want to be removed from my email list please let me know, do not hesitate to send me a simple reply "Please remove my email"  :) and I will get right on it! Hope to see some of you for this fun workshop!! 

Much Love. 

This unique 40-day program includes: 
  • ·        Weekly class meeting (1 ½ - 2 hours)
  • ·        40 days unlimited yoga (all current class passes will be put on hold)
  • ·        Instruction to begin a deeper, personal meditation practice
  • ·        Tools to move past current limiting beliefs and habits
  • ·        Short yoga practices unlock, open and heal the body gently
  • ·        Stress reduction techniques to invite peace into everyday living
  • ·        Nutritional tips and techniques
  • ·        One hour wellness consultation with a certified holistic health counselor
  • ·        Weekly journaling assignment
  • ·        Online FaceBook group support
  • ·        20% of holistic health services for 40 days after the program ends (November 26 – January 5th) – clear with practitioners first!

The Six Weekly Themes:
  • 1.      Seeing & Accepting: Beginning where you are
  • 2.      It Doesn't Have to Be Hard: Learning to release, forgive and move on
  • 3.      Detox Your Life (remove toxic relationships, excess, clutter, food (the "whites!"))
  • 4.      Pleasure: A guide to self-care
  • 5.      Ease & Grace: "When you are relaxing, you are receiving"
  • 6.      Gratitude: Positive strategies to manifest abundance (this last week should be a mini-celebration with food)

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