Monday, November 17, 2014

Franklin Community Cable Access - Annual Meeting - Nov 13, 2014

On Thursday we held our third annual open member meeting. This was a good opportunity to begin shifting gears from all the construction and preparations of a new facility to a new focus - on how we will better serve Franklin.  
We began with a review of our finances to date: In spring of 2012 we began operations with some of the cable funds that the town had held in reserve. We purchased and renovated our building, installed new video equipment and paid our operating expenses. 
In sum: We remain on track with our development plan that was submitted to the town when we formed and began operating as FCCA, Inc. in 2012.

L to R: W. Ken Norman, John Milot, Nick Remissong, Anne K. Bergen, Jay Horrigan, Rose Turco, and Wesley Rea.
L to R (back row):. Ken Norman, Nick Remissong,  Jay Horrigan, Wesley Rea  L to R (front row):John Milot, Anne K. Bergen, Rose Turco,
There were no new board seats opening up this year, so our current board soldiers on. They have all been actively engaged in our progress, our programming and operation.  
As Executive Director, I have enjoyed their full support and thoughtful guidance in piloting our excellent progress to date. For all they do, I am most grateful. 
Looking forward, we turned to the topic of Community Outreach. We invited Franklin’s nonprofit groups to participate in our meeting. We discussed how we can work together, helping each other to better address the needs of the community. Some excellent ideas were put forward and plans are in the works. Stay tuned. 
And, thanks for watching! 
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Franklin TV

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