Thursday, November 20, 2014

In the News; commuter rail performance, change from grass to turf field

For those riding the Franklin commuter rail line:
Fifty new double decker coaches are in service, and 25 coaches are in the testing and inspection phase, according to the MBTA.

By early next year, all 75 new coaches, which were built by Hyundai Rotem, will be in service. State transportation officials have previously criticized Hyundai Rotem, accusing the company of falling behind schedule in delivering trains, which also required fixing once they reached Massachusetts.

Year-to-date, on-time performance on the commuter rail is at 89 percent, according to the presentation. July's on-time performance rate stood at 87 percent, August 90 percent, and September 92 percent, which dropped to 85 percent in October.

"There's a lot of room for improvement but at the same time . . . we are four months into this," MBTA general manager Beverly Scott told reporters.
Continue reading the full article in the Milford Daily News (subscription maybe required)

From the Town Council meeting Wednesday, part of the discussion was with the School Building Committee getting a 'sense of the Council" in regards to a slight change in the FHS plans for fields. I say 'slight' and that is an interpretation of what I heard.

The chairman of the committee, Tom Mercer, informed the town council of the decision on Wednesday and sought their approval to move ahead with the multi-use field in the form of an informal vote.

During a straw poll, each councilor voiced support of a turf field.

Mercer, himself a councilor, noted that the building committee did not require the council’s OK to build the field, but agreed “that it’s an important enough decision” to bring before the governing body.

Installation of the turf is to begin in the spring.
Continue reading the full article in the Milford Daily News (subscription maybe required)

The field had be slated for use as a practice field and due to the angle of planned grading could not be used as a 'game' field. By changing the field from grass to artificial turf, the field can be used year round, and will be regulation sized for competition.

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