Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From Pantherbook: doors with no handles, food choices, social media tools

From Pantherbook, I find a couple of good articles to bring to your attention.

1 - The new FHS was built security in mind and has no handles on many of the exteriors doors, making entry from the outside more difficult.

Though this situation seems like an oversight, there is a reason why there are no door handles. Safety and security has become a modern issue within schools and the new school was designed and built with security as a top priority. 
“It’s an inconvenience at the moment but for security purposes, it’s one that we need to have,” commented Mr. Schmidt. At the moment there are higher priority issues that need to be handled, but Schmidt expressed that it’s not that the issue isn’t being heard or addressed. He also said that it is a goal of the administration to fix the problem

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screen capture of Pantherbook's front page
screen capture of Pantherbook's front page

2 - Students love the food choices at the new Media center cafe and the opportunities to get food after school will soon be here.

The new café has high hopes for its future at FHS. Along with the new school, came a new option available for students to purchase food. 
As opposed to the typical cafeteria lunch, students are now able to purchase food before school and during lunch period elsewhere. 
Located in the media center of FHS is a café that serves food and drinks such as, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, soup, snacks, fruit cups, seltzer, and pudding parfait. 

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3 - The last article to share today has an intelligent recap of the use and abuse of social media tools. While the 'standard' media outlets (newspapers and network TV) tend to go for the extreme angles, this article takes a more balanced approach. As a social media practitioner, the tools are not the issue how people use them can be an issue.

Is society benefiting from popular social sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? Or are these sites just distractions from everyday life? 
Franklin High School’s (FHS) Digital Journalism teacher, Ms. Moreau, believes the effects of social media are more positive than negative because it allows people to connect with the world and share information. 
However, Ms. Moreau says: “It is important to limit the use of social media because there are other important things going on in your life.” When asked how social media impacts teens, Moreau answered, “It distracts them from being present in the moment.”

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