Monday, November 17, 2014

All Night Party to be held at Horace Mann Middle School

Pantherbook has an update on the All Night Party Location:
The Class of 2015 will not only be the first graduating class at the new FHS, but they will also be the first class to have their All Night Party at Horace Mann Middle School. 
According to FHS Principal, Mr. Light, the decision of making Horace Mann the home of the All Night Party was due to the fact that the middle school will meet all the needs of the event. 
At a meeting with the All Night Party committee, Light discussed everything that made the All Night Party so memorable for the students. The excitement of graduation, the theme, and the decorations were all brought up. Light said that if the All Night Party were held in FHS, the decorations would be so different that it could change everything that made the All Night Party what is has become. Light states that at Horace Mann they “could keep that character of the All Night Party.” 

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Horace Mann Middle School - Oak St Elementary School
Horace Mann Middle School - Oak St Elementary School

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