Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Live reporting - Presentations

• Erin Lynch, Food Pantry
with the pantry for two years
Executive Director since July

reviewing the foundations and services that the Pantry provides
volunteers are being trained, sustain operation

Thanks to Steve Sherlock who has been the Chair of the Food Pantry
Chris Feeley will be assuming that role

over 600 families use the services of the Food Pantry
some will always use our services
some are transitional, how to best help them

physical access. mobile pantry three Mondays a month
Winter St, Central Park Terrace, Senior Center

Clients coming weekly for produce and bread
separate room aranged to handle this without interferring with the normal monthly flow

shifting flow to empowerment
learning how to teach folks to fish, rather than just providing fish
we are creating a healthy community
more fruits and vegetables

Food Pantry Raffle
Turkey Trot on Thanskgiving morning

shampoo, cereal, peanut butter

help us keep shifting the culture, we are a centralized resource to connect all the resources

Traveled with a group from the Hockomock YMCA to Washington, DC

Healthy Futures market, fresh produce on Tuesday's

• James Dacey, Treasurer Collector

thanks to his staff, all veterans, been with the Town for 12-16 years
Treasurer and Collector are two separate positions
bill and collect all water/sewer trash bills
personal property bills
collect all parking ticket fines, hearing officer for parking ticket appeals
process tax liens

170 delinquent properties, down 50 from a year ago
down $150,000 from last year

on Treasurer's side, responsible for all investments
maintain a cash book using Excel, had been an actual book when he started
looking at a new software system that could merge with Munis

track all bonds and prepare annual debt budgets
there are 2 bonds that are ripe for re-funding, could save us about $430,000 in interest costs
will be coming back for approval to do that change

we are not interested in owning property, want to get the tax bills paid
periodically report to a variety of agencies payroll reports, etc.

epayable, payments to vendors via virtual credit cards
received a cash back bonus using this service

paying vendors by doing electronic funds transfers
pay all debt by wire transfers

story on WBZ news on people with back taxes
folks claiming back taxes to Worcester attempted to swindle folks from the money
there is no company that can settle the debt that any individual owes to Franklin

Q - how many employees are still getting a paper check
about 10 or so remain, all others electronic deposit

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