Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Franklin Art Association: November 2014 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends, 
I was thinking about how making art can be such a solitary activity ... When I work alone in my studio, the only company I have is my music. And it can get lonesome! That’s why community is so important. When we emerge from our creative spaces and join our artist friends to make art together, wonderful things can happen. There is something about painting with others that can bring us into a different state of mind, where ideas are flying around, group critiques can take place, creative synergies develop, and we chase away the lonesomeness of solitary work! 
Whether it be a class, a workshop, or a group of friends, being in community with other artists can be exhilarating - and can provide a needed break. Well, lucky for us all, we will get to experience painting or drawing together at the next FAA meeting. Artist Bob Collins will lead us in a figure drawing/painting session with a live model (my friend Tzvetanka). Check out the details in the newsletter. Hope to see you all there - it should be lots of fun! 
Warm regards, 
Sue Sheridan

For more about the Franklin Art Association, you can visit their website

Franklin Art Association
Franklin Art Association

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