Thursday, November 6, 2014

Much ado about her hats

There was mush ado in a short period of time within the closed group on Facebook called "Friends of Franklin". The issue was raised that Susan Johnson, the colorful and friendly crossing guard at the Oak St school crossing had been told she could not wear her hats any more.

Despite the attempts to quell the fury that erupted, the comments continued and a petition started to circulate. The petition is not necessary.

Some folks need to consider what is on Facebook carefully before responding. Facebook is not designed to make it easy to review all the comments, however in cases like this, a review of the comments would have revealed this was a non-issue but that did not stop some from continuing to raise the alarm.

A tempest in a teapot, over a hat, and all for a non-issue. The back story on the incident is summarized in the text of this email from Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski
Last spring there was an accident at the Oak St school crossing  
MA Dept of Labor (DoL) investigated this summer - meeting with Jeff Nutting, DPW, Franklin Police and Franklin Human Resources 
The Dept of Labor gave some guidelines for crossing guards - (apparently DoL investigates when there is any accident with a crossing guard) 
Lisa Trainor met with Ms. Johnson and suggested that the hats are a distraction. Lisa supervises the crossing guards.
Lisa and I met this morning, what the DoL provided are guidelines and not regulatory so it is within our purview (Franklin Schools) to mandate compliance. 
Lisa chatted with Ms. Johnson this morning and told her it was her choice to wear hats if she wants to 

Note: this is one of the crossing areas that will be getting the new signals currently in use at the King St crossing to Parmenter School. This new signal will hopefully help to slow down the traffic and make it safe for the kids to be crossed by Ms Johnson.

school zone speed reducing signs
school zone speed reducing signs

The August 6th Town Council meeting discussed the signs

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