Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Live reporting - Closing

docks finally in at DelCarte

tax rate hearing coming at the next meeting

Lincoln St almost complete

Main St busy this week
wouldn't be in the major downtown section until the middle of the 2015 summer

Populatic paving delayed by Purchasing Director transition

Veterans Day on Tuesday

horse trough being stored in DPW during the construction
will be stored inside

new councilors don't take office until the second meeting of November

deed speaks to the Historical Commission for their determination
there are some restrictions on future use, i.e. need to maintain the pulpit

Tree situation, tree on private property
unfortunately we don't take action when it is private property
MA DOT was contacted and awaiting response

I don't feel we are going to open the flood gates with other home owners
we can do it for everyone
I do see this as a public safety issue

Cerel it is a private tree but it is his responsibility

Bob Dellorco
Can you let me know so I can escalate?

it didn't look close but they were on my yard to do that before
that tree is closer to the road than all the other trees
it was okay to come on my yard to cut the other trees

bond sale? can we get to that?
it is on the next agenda?

what do other towns do for a communication director?
to have someone do that
Mr Sherlock does a good job helping

house numbers are an issue, some missing and it delays the response
schools do not have numbers on the classrooms

Nutting - the schools are being worked, with each principal
the bylaw is there and a public education campaign maybe with the tax bills


Pfeffer - thansk to the FireFighters for building the ramp
repainted the Franklin rocks at the downtown train station
Basil LeBlanc, 89 year veteran, received 7 medals for service during WWII

several contracts signed, up to the second tier of pricing
up to seventy residents have had visits to explore solar

O. EXECUTIVE SESSION – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required

motion to adjourn
passed 7-0

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