Monday, February 9, 2015

#shopFranklin: Breaking News - 2/9/15

We have been affected by the snow View on the web

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Breaking News - 2/9/2015

Snow Melting Troubles
Hello and my apologies for sending another email to you in the month.

However I've thought it is my responsibility to inform you that due to the extreme amounts of snow fall this winter,  my showroom has taken the hit.

Lots of snow melting causing severe water damage to our facility..The good news is that event has pushed us to find an even better location to accommodating our growing company.

Inevitably some delays returning calls and scheduling jobs will occur since we are dealing with insurance, clean-up and real estate hunting..Did I mention we are still busy selling shades too?

Thanks again for your support over the years and your understanding while we are passing this bumpy road.

More to come...Meanwhile take a look at some of the photos.

Shades IN Place Inc.
storm damage
storm damage
storm damage 2
storm damage 2
storm damage 3
storm damage 3
storm damage 4
storm damage 4
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