Friday, February 13, 2015

Reminder: Soccer for Smiles Tournament --> February 17 - 19, 2015

Have Fun While Making a Difference!

Our next tournament is coming up quickly!

February 17, 18, and 19, 2015

Even though the tournament runs for three days, a player's commitment is just a couple of hours on one particular day. High schoolers come on one day, younger girls on the next day, and younger boys on the third day. The day is split by age groups in 2- or 3-hour blocks of time. It is great fun!

Soccer for Smiles crew
Soccer for Smiles crew

A group of students in FranklinMassachusetts got together in the wake of the 2010 earthquake inHaiti motivated to do something to help.  A soccer tournament was developed over February's school vacation that provided an opportunity for soccer players to have a lot of fun in friendly competition.  The event raised a significant amount of money that was donated to the relief fund for Haiti.  The Soccer For Smiles tournament was born.
In subsequent years the team has focused on local charities with the majority of monies raised going toward the Random Smile Project.  The group has also supported Team Isabella.  Each year the tournament has grown in participation and donations.  The team of students has grown and changed as older team members move on to college and new students join in the effort.

2015 Beneficiaries

This year we will direct our donations to support two initiatives:
1.                Kathleen M. Madden Scholarship
This past year, Kathleen M. Madden passed away, losing a battle to Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She was very close with many of us at Soccer for Smiles.

In her honor, we have created a scholarship in her name, which will be awarded to an applicant that we believe demonstrates outstanding involvement in his or her community.

2.                Random Smile Project
In the last four years we have donated thousands of dollars to the Random Smile Project (RSP) as we are pleased with their mission.
Soccer for Smiles Tournament
Soccer for Smiles Tournament

RSP provides a bridge of support to people going through difficult times. Families in need are provided with clothing, groceries, books, and toys through a network of local support. Accessibility options for those in need are supplied through their construction and renovation projects like wheelchair ramps, handicap bathroom conversions and home repair. They also award the unsung heroes in our community who put themselves second and others in need before them. They inspire volunteerism in the youth of our community through scholarships, playground initiatives and school outreach programs. Through these efforts RSP promotes the spirit of giving and receiving that reflects the greater good of what a community really is.
RSP is a community non-profit organization. They have zero paid employees. Everyone associated with RSP donates their time, trades, and skill sets. Since they have no salaries and very limited overhead, you can be assured that your donation will go a long way in their various community endeavors.

For additional information and to register, please follow this link

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