Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Local and state policy dominate discussions

I'll add additional summary comments to this later but for now here is the collection of posts reported from the School Committee meeting on Tuesday, Feb 10.

Quick bites to summarize

  • legislative delegates visited and provided updates on State House actions regarding the budget and unfunded mandates.
  • the draft calendar for 2015-2016 is being redone as the initial version violated the current teacher contract regarding the start date for school. 
  • the policy on the memorials and gifts which was redone by the policy subcommittee and brought forward to the full school committee drew some sharp distinctions. The process of review showed openness but some members are concerned about future implementation issues this policy enables. The policy was moved to second reading by a 4-1 vote. Two members of the School Committee were absent from the meeting.
  • current snow days, 2 are left within the claendar, if we need more than that, the decision to make up on Saturdays and or take from the April vacation is open and no decision has been made at this time.
  • there is a parent meeting on PARCC at Horace Mann Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM

Parmenter Elementary school in the snow Tuesday morning, Feb 10
Parmenter Elementary school in the snow Tuesday morning, Feb 10

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