Tuesday, February 10, 2015

live reporting: Discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items

Calendar revisions

Winslow - talking to calendar adjustments (need to get new copy of draft)
would need to bring back for the next meeting

Rohrbach - school year ending on Monday? without snow days
Winslow - if we have any snow days, it would go beyond Monday

O'Malley - I would suggest to have the Friday before as off, last fling of the summer
why do we have Election day

Winslow - no students, but it is a professional day and we do need two, so that gets also into the Election day which is the second day for professional day

motion to make the Sep 4th as a no school day, seconded
discussion around the lack of full weeks in Sep

Chandler-  what you have makes sense
vote 1 for, 4 against, motion fails


Policy – Second Reading – For Elimination
o GCBA – Professional Staff Salary Schedule
Policy – First Readings
o KCDA – Memorial Commemorations 
o KCD-E1 – Non-Budgeted Funds Donation Form 
o KCD-E2 – Guidelines for Donations of Gifts/Memorials Non-Budgeted Funds to the Franklin Public Schools
The policy documents can be found here

discussion around the Graci family gift and revisions to the policy

should it say "supplemental supply" rather than supply?

Clement - I was on the policy committee and will be voting against the change. They did work with several good experts on grief. The policy was unanimously approved twice. A total of four people came to the meetings, there may have been online participation but it did not result in seats in the chairs. In making the accomodations according to the experts, we have have gutted the policy. The policy is the same as having no policy by leaving it up to the principals. The first time the principal says no, they will be before us. The school is for the students who are there. 

In the sense of community, the Franklin student representaives talk about what is happening with their sports, their scholarships, etc. what they are doing. As far as the Graci memorial is welcomed at the sculpture park. The girls softball team wears a ribbon in their hair to remember. She was in college at the time she passed. 

We would create an arms race, we are opening up a pandoras box. We need to close this box.

Rohrbach - I think of our committee as open minded, maybe we should look at this again and decide how we shold proceed. I am not sure how I feel about this specifically. i know you have strong feelings about this. i give the committee credit for re-looking at this.

Trahan - We were very open, we did take into consideration the items that the four people brought before us. A policy that we have vetted out with the experts, should be standing for the. I am in conflict with myself. I share your concern that at any other intervention we could be opening the doors again.

O'Malley - I suppose I should say something but perhaps you should say something first.

Mullen - I think the numbers are wrong when there seem to be only the four, these seems to be a Franklin thing. I disagree that we had experts when we had one and I did not always agree with everything which she said. I opened the policy up because it was a process issue, not motivated by fear. I think it is important to listen to what people have to say. I can't say I am going to do something without the support of the rest of the committee. 

O'Malley - first I appreciate the intelligence and thoughtfulness of Trevor's presentation. Roberta spoke it well. To capture grief in a policy is not possible. My leaning here is to the committee as an open committee, not withstanding the heartfelt feelings to the contrary

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