Friday, February 13, 2015

A Safety Reminder From National Grid

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A Safety Reminder from National Grid:
Be sure to avoid power lines when clearing snow and ice
As snow accumulations continue to mount across New England and with more snowfall likely in the coming days, National Grid is urging customers to take precautions to avoid the potential hazards these conditions present. Massive amounts of snow and ice building up on roofs and piled beneath power lines are serious and potentially dangerous. Snow on roofs can lead to water damage and, in some cases, can cause roofs to collapse. Large piles of snow under power lines can bring the tops of those mounds, which children frequently use for sledding, dangerously close to energized power lines. In both cases, the chance of being injured by coming in contact with power lines increases and snow and ice build-up on roofs can damage electric service lines running to homes and businesses. National Grid is urging home and business owners to be especially cautious as they work to clear their roofs by following these safety recommendations:
Keep all ladders, shovels, roof rakes and other devices well clear of any lines coming from the street to the structure, regardless of material. In extremely wet conditions, even wood can be a conductor of electricity.
If necessary, start clearing snow from the opposite end of the roof from the service point where electricity is delivered.
If you are unsure of how to go about clearing snow, or if your roof is particularly steep, contact a qualified roofing contractor.
As snow is removed from the roof, be aware of what is below that could become buried as snow hits the ground. Be especially mindful of the location of your electricity and gas meters as they could be damaged by falling snow and ice.
You should also be aware that heavy snow loads could damage the connections of your electricity service to your home or building, often known as the weatherhead. As snow melts or is removed, look at this connection point from a safe distance to be sure it hasn't been pulled away from the building, creating a potential fire hazard.
National Grid is responsible for repairs to the overhead lines to the weatherhead, and the meter itself. Repairs to any other portions of the service are the responsibility of the customer. If any of that service is damaged, customers should contact a certified electrician to handle the repairs. Please see our website for more information about post-storm responsibilities.
As we brace for the possibility of more storms over the coming days, remember that National Grid provides several ways for you to stay connected:
Download our mobile app by searching for National Grid in iTunes and GooglePlay stores.
To register for broadcast text alerts for major storms, text the word "STORM" to NGRID (64743).
Visit the Outage Central section of our website where you can view outage maps, access important safety tips and report outages. Alternatively, our mobile website can be accessed by going to on your mobile device and selecting "View safety and outages."
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