Saturday, April 4, 2015

Capture that family history

I was fortunate to capture some of my father's story and record it for the extended family to listen to. I did not get to hear all the stories before he passed away but we do have a good archive of the stories in his voice to listen to when we want.

Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, the holiday weekend should bring families together. To help foster a good conversation between the generations and to capture the history that the elder generations still remember is made easier with the new StoryCorps app and smart phones.

Settle in, enjoy the 21 min video and download the app for your Apple or Android device and set up to record.

You can find out more about StoryCorps on their website

You can find more excellent videos on the TED site here

A sample of  my father's story can be found here. In this segment, he talks of his service in the Marines as part of the "Joint Assault Signal Company" made famous in the movie "The Whisperers"

screen grab of webpage
screen grab of webpage

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