Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Live reporting: Ping4Alert

Gary McCarraher – Ping 4 Alert

(presentation to be added later)

no user information required, info delivered via GPS location to mobile devices

also enables alerts to be posted to Twitter and Facebook, one tool for all the posts

can be used by Police, Fire, DPW, Schools, Town Administration for all the notices in emergency and standard business uses

While the State uses it purely for emergency notifications, Franklin will try to broaden the uses. For example, during the downtown construction it can notifiy on the delays or detours.

Fire Dept uses it for burning alerts.
other departments will be coming online in coming weeks

Executed through emergency management
need one unified message in an emergency
working to coordinate with the departments

each department has access uniquely

we have a grant through MEMA 
Fire Dept has been the point of contact for the town

Feldman - I am already on it and it works well
McCarragher - Ping4 is a for profit company in NH, grants have been providing the funding

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