Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Live reporting: License transfer and hot box purchase

Transfer of Liquor License – Jimmy D’s d/b/a the GBU
license had been held by Saco Rose

Padula, Kelly - recused themselves as they have relationships with the owner

motion to approve, seconded, passed 6-0 via roll


2. Resolution 15-14: Appropriation: Capital FY 15 – Diesel Asphalt Hot Box
Carlos Rebello, here to answer question
the hot top would provide a better patch than the cold patch previously used
there is a hot mix plant in Bellingham so it will be easy to get mix
could be up and running in three weeks

Kelly - had been suggested a couple of years ago at the Senior Center, we do listen, it may have taken some time but it is being implemented

Padula - did we ever have a hot box?
Rebello - no

Rebello - it is all on the trailer, easier to use, goes down hot
researched to find the diesel unit rather than a propane unit
shoudl be around for 10 years

Bissanti - have they changed the mix?
Rebello - making high performance patch, $120/ton, vs $68/ton for the hot mix

Williams - can this be used around the year?
Rebello - yes, that is the whole point

Padula - why wouldn't we buy the high performance patch?
Rebello - we do that now, we want to fill them as quick as possible

move to change the motion to $25,000 from $30,000
seconded, passed 8-0 via roll call

(Dellorco arrived late)

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

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