Thursday, April 2, 2015

This "Purple Heart" community received an "unqualified opinion"

The Town Council meeting was varied and efficiently conducted in just about an hour. The summary of items discussed and where appropriate voted on is as follows:

  • A proclamation was made to recognize Franklin as a "Purple Heart Community"
  • The liquor license transfer from Soco Rose to GBU was approved.
  • The DPW was authorized to purchase a 'hot box' to help improve the pot hole patching process.
  • Chief Gary McCarragher presented on Ping4Alerts, a new alert system being deployed by MEMA and Franklin for all the alerts and other targeted important notifications.
  • The auditors talked about the "unqualified opinion" that Franklin received as being the highest rating and how "solid and well managed" Franklin was overall.
  • The insurance payments for the Keller sprinkler incident required a Council vote to approve the disbursement. As the payments had come to the Franklin accounts, the Council needed to authorize the payments to the vendors involved. Most of the insurance reimbursements had gone directly to the vendors and hence did not require a Council vote.

The MEMA video touting Ping4Alerts

To get Ping4Alerts, follow the links on this MEMA page
Massachusetts alerts

For all the detailed notes reported live during the meeting, check these links:

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