Saturday, May 30, 2015

You can make a difference

A week ago, I stood on the Boston Common and took a picture of the 37,000 flags put out to commemorate Memorial Day.

Boston Common flag garden on May 22
Boston Common flag garden on May 22

This Friday (May 29th), the flags are gone but not forgotten.

Boston Common on May 29
Boston Common on May 29

The feet of the many who came by to take photos (as I did) trampled the grass and it is now brown and crushed. It will come back.

Boston Common on May 29
Boston Common on May 29

One person's actions may not seem like much. The small step may not seem significant. But one person needs to start and then big things can happen.

One person objected to the proposed Atlantic Bridge pipeline, others joined and the project got stopped.

There are plenty of other opportunities around Franklin where one person can do something to make a difference. 

Consider helping at the Senior Center, the Food Pantry, in the schools or in your church. 

Consider helping the Random Smile Project, the Neighbor Brigade, or the Friends of the Franklin Library. 

Consider volunteering to help run the Town of Franklin. While there are salaried positions, there are many non-paid positions including most of the elected positions on the Town Council, School Committe, and the many other boards and committees that help to operate Franklin. 

Our government does its best when it is truly "of the people, by the people, for the people"

Pick your cause, pick your interest, and help. Together we can accomplish great things!  

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