Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Live reporting: Oak St Update

b. Oak Street Elementary School Update 
– Corine Minkle,Kathleen Gerber

a brief snapshot of the year in review
trying to tie it all together in pictures

lots of slides depicting various scenes in school day
small group learning
anchor charts
art integrated with other academics
math workshop
K students with a whiteboard
math games and exploration
brain gym training in between academics
stations to warm up for gym
every classroom uses technology
standards based
common planning time for grade levels
families came to to participate in math morning
'fancy day' for 3-4-5th grade concert
about 90% dressed in fancy black/white
Halloween candy collected for troops
4-500 pounds of candy just from Oak St
Spaulding Center does a disability awareness for 5th grade
'read across america' outside readers
partnered with the Y, BOKS program for 4-5th grade students
from Plimoth Plantation Jeffrey came in to talk about Indian life
Science day
'best buddies' partnered with FHS and Dean
EMC project on 'mini empty bowls', bowl purchase raised money for Franklin Food Pantry
morning wakeup for Channel 5

it is difficult to find out what is going on in school, based upon this, there is a lot going on at Oak St
the collaboration working in and connecting within the community, I give you an A+

I like with what I have seen is that the same techniques are used at the high school

Q - how is attendence?
It is well represented, when students are involved. With a parent only evening, it is more challenging
99% of faculity and students were in red/white/blue
standing room only

Jewell - If the parents can't come, invite the grandparents?
We do and many of those come, if their parent is not there, they are at least paired with someone

Jewell - are you comfortable with the level of questions for PARCC
The students like PARCC because they can use the computer
it is a learning curve for everyone as they were tailoring the questions
some were hard, some were easy and some were just right

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