Thursday, May 28, 2015

"for the collaboration working in and connecting within the community, I give you an A+"

The School Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 26 is a good one to review in the On Demand video archives.

There was an update on Creative Arts Fridays at the Kennedy School. How technology and poetry are integrated with the other subjects to provide a rich and exciting learning epxerience. The presentation included a couple of brief videos but it is only available in the On Demand link as provided ablve.

Oak St provided a year in review showing multiple pictures taken during the year. The photos although static do help to show the depth and richness of the learning experience and earned kudos from Committee member Kevin O'Malley who gave them an "A+" as paraphrased in the title of this summary.

You can view the photo presentation here:

The third presentation was an update on the work of the School Wellness Advisory Committee. While it sounds like a dry and unexciting title, the work being done coincidently was highlighted in a few cases by the prior two presentations. The SWAC effectively is putting together the curriculum on health and wellness which is then delivered via the teachers and staff to the students across the district.

You can view the presentation copy here:

SWAC Presentation to the School Committee May 26, 2015 from Franklin Matters

The set of my notes taken live during the meeting can be found here
I would encourage you to spend the almost two hours to view the meeting video. It does provide some real good insights into what happens in the elementary school classrooms and how some of the curriculum is built to be delivered.

You can view the meeting video here

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