Sunday, May 24, 2015

Friends of Franklin Library to fund the 2015 Summer Reading Program

A JPG copy of the letter from Library Director Felicia Oti to the Friends of Franklin Library is shown below. The body text has also be replicated for easier reading.
"We are delighted with the decision of the Friends of Franklin Library Board to fund the Library's entire request of $10,000 for the 2015 Summer Reading Program. The money has been deposited into an FOFL account and copies of invoices will be provided as expenditures are made. 
Your generous gift will make it possible for the library to expand summer reading collections for all Franklin students and offer engaging and entertaining programs to the community. FOFL will receive the appropriate recognition in all promotional materials. 
We are counting on your continued financial support for forthcoming library projects. Together we can strengthen the community by providing dynamic services and meaningful library experiences."

The JPG copy:

JPG copy of  Letter to FOFL
JPG copy of  Letter to FOFL

Library sign announces movies for May 30 and May 31
Library sign announces movies for May 30 and May 31

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