Friday, May 29, 2015

"I’m delighted to hear the project has been cancelled”

See it does matter. When some one takes action, it can be effective.
Local opponents of a planned natural gas pipeline that would have run through three area towns are celebrating an energy company's decision to scrub the project. 
“As someone who is working to stop new gas projects and promote clean, renewable energy instead, I am overjoyed that this project has been cancelled,” said Emily Kirkland, a spokeswoman for Better Future Project, an organization that pushes for renewable energy. 
The organization has coordinated with local residents also were also opposed to the project and wanted to inform the public about the pipeline's potential environmental consequences. 
Spectra Energy, which owns the Algonquin Gas Transmission pipeline, has dropped plans for a 3.5-mile, 30-inch wide pipeline that would have run through Medway, Bellingham and Franklin, according to a notice from the Massachusetts Energy Siting Board earlier this week. That pipeline would been part of a larger project.

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