Sunday, June 21, 2015

What if… we can each help turn the tide of Addiction one share at a time?

From Patricia Byrne writing at Stop The Silence

The response to Stop the Silence has been staggering. The speed at which it was shared speaks to the size of the Epidemic of Addiction slithering through our neighborhoods and stealing our loved ones. 
Many have asked how they can help, others have asked how to get help. Much needs to change for the tide of Addiction to turn. Gloucester MA is at the front of the charge. They have created an Angel Program to help addicts instead of jailing them. 
We must admit this Epidemic is hiding in our communities. We need to recognize that families from all walks of life are re-enacting the same play behind different doors in cities, suburbs and small towns alike. We plead, sob, and scream to our addicts and to each other from a battle-worn script as we live our shared nightmare. Addiction is stealing the future of so many and decimating the lives of everyone who loves them. We need to step out from behind the doors and come together to help one another.
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You can read more about Gloucester's Angel Program here -->

As resources become available, Patricia will be posting them to this "Resources" page -->

The Addict's Mom
The Addict's Mom

Community Coalition - June 30th - 7:00 PM

Franklin can come out from behind closed doors to the High School Auditorium on 7:00 PM Tuesday, June 30. The meeting will introduce the formation of a Community Coalition to help with our own problem.

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