Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Live reporting: Jefferson / FHS Guidance Presentations

2. Guests/Presentations

b. Jefferson Elementary Update
– Linda Ashley, Sarah Klim

video slide show highlighting activities throughout the school year

c. FHS Guidance Update
– Heather McVay, Josh MacCreery & Jennifer D’Amico

first change is they really are the Franklin guidance dept. covering grades 6-12

developing a curriculum model to spend more time in the classroom rather than just one-on-one with students

guidance seminars developed career seminars
worked with seniors, then freshman, juniors and sophomores

survey showed reduced stress among students with college process, more knowledgeable about scholarship process

student feedback was highlighting that they appreciated the importance of the transcript and how much freshman year really meant to the overall process

worked with the Juniors beginning in January
general info to the larger classes, and then dig deeper into the specifics during the 1-on-1
Naviance - ins and outs of the program and search options

met with the sophomores in the 4th quarter
preparing for junior year and career options
the career plan is a fluid doc but it is started and can be modified as the student progresses through high school

first comment on the high school that has raised a space issue where the prior planning for the new school clearly had not been prepared for the changes in the guidance program (nor could it realistically have been prepared for).

Jennifer D'Amico covered the middle school program

curriculum delivered differently at the 3 middle school but the content was consistent across the schools

first time for middle schools to get exposed to career inventory and career options; look at themselves as a learner, a worker

also looking at developing a curriculum to cover the 5th to 6th grade transition

O'Malley - guidance is the glue that makes schools go, I am impressed
I am impressed with how far we have come
having councilors talk to the 8th graders and their parents is great
having councilors in the classrooms is great
How does the high school or middle school handle a student with a personal or family issue?

Jen - They incorporate the family in the response at the middle school

At the High School, rely heavily on the adjustment councilors and work together with assistant principals as well as part of the team to approach the student situation

Jewel - Concerned about dealing with the problems and not being able to get to the student who can excel; how much with problems versus dealing with the excellence that is required?

With any problem, there is that underlying problem; the communications with the individual teachers is ongoing and priceless; the team approach is key

The great thing about the seminar is being out there creating a presence with the students; at the high school there is the three people to provide support. At the middle school, there is only the one person. 

Maureen - there is also the school psychologists at each of the schools who are good resources. There have been three years of moving walls, to get to this point. Looking to expand further to the kindergarten so it will truly be K-12

Jewell - it is important to get to the students early to get them excited about the STEM arena. Do you use professionals for some examples

One of our goals is to host a career fair for student, if a student has an interest, we do reach out to those where we can. the Senior Project is one particular area that addresses that well.

Clement - How do you strike the balance between showing them options and setting the path? It is good we are giving them the tools

Jen - they explored the options, these are considerations, what is may change many times, it is more about the future planning, not making the final decision

Rohrbach - I know from a parents point of view how overwhelming this can be. This is excellent, thank you

Mullen - When you stop and think about it, you realize how much it has changed over the last several years. Thank you

The seminars are helpful in getting the general info out and are able to have a focused discussion with the individual students

Jen - One of the things to be added to the middle school is to get a better feel on how much the numbers will help in predicting the rising student populations

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