Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Live reporting: Town Council - June 24, 2015

Present: Feldman, Padula, Mercer, Kelly, Vallee, Pfeffer, Bissanti, Williams, Dellorco
Absent: none

– Strategy with Respect to Pending Litigation and Collective Bargaining re Fire Fighter’s Union


C. ANNOUNCEMENTS – This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on
Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by others.

Raye Lynn Mercer
introduces Electric Youth for a performance before they leave for France and England

Electric Youth introduces themselves before performing "I bet my Life"
Electric Youth introduces themselves before performing "I bet my Life"

a song by Imagine Dragons "I bet my Life"


1. Resolution 15-43: Appropriation – FY15 Fire Wages (Arbitration Award)
taking the agenda out of order due to the crowd gathered, 
motion to approve, seconded, 

9 municipal bargaining units, 6% agreement over the four years
had not settled with the Fire Fighters
went to arbitration with the Fire Fighters
award runs concurrent with other union agreements
would need to start into a successor contract for the new period
Council had been putting money aside in anticipation of the award
final deal to allocate the funds to meet the deal
so we have enough money to cover the funding required

so Jeff Nutting is looking to settle this issue
strongly suggesting an affirmative vote

Chuck Allen, Vice President Fire Fighters local union
fire fighters lag behind in comparative salaries
don't want to let the fire dept become the dept of last resort
the report the arbitrator has outlined the summaries

the Council (and other before us) have done much for Franklin
new school, updates to the Library, etc.
however, Franklin is more than just bricks and mortar
without the best people, Franklin would not be the best place in the Commonwealth
voting no would only hurt our families and our community
voting yes would allow us to go forward

vote via roll call - passed 8-1 (Pfeffer)
objecting as she thinks the other unions should get the same increases

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