Sunday, September 27, 2015

Neighbor Brigade is recognized for their work by the Town Council

In one of the shorter Town Council meetings, the Council heard the Neighbor Brigade presentation, recognized them for the work they do, and effectively handled several legislative items in about 30 minutes.

Linda Gagnon, Cheryl Ferry and Council Chair Bob Vallee
Linda Gagnon, Cheryl Ferri and Council Chair Bob Vallee

The Neighbor Brigade is a volunteer organization that helps individuals and families in need. They have been in existence for 5 years, founded by a woman from Wayland. Linda Gagnon was inspired to bring this community service to Franklin.

They provide a virtual network of services and this is their 3rd year of service for Franklin. They had 15 requests in the first year, 400 requests last year. The requests keep coming in. They coordinate to deliver meals and provide other help as needed.

The volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty. A mother loses her husband and doesn't know how to start a lawn mower. Another mother dealing with impending surgery, no other family support, the volunteers provide that help.

The Neighbor Brigade is in contact with other organization like the hospital, Schools, Fire Dept, Police Dept to make referrals as necessary.

To join or donate to the NEighbor Brigade visit them on the internet at  or in Facebook at

In the business portion of the meeting, the Council approve payment of a bill from 2015 fiscal year that just arrived. The Council authorized payment from insurance for a couple of occurrences. This is required when the amount exceeds 20,000 dollars.  

The School Building committee was formally disbanded. While the major work of the committee is complete, there remains a 'punch list' of items that still require attention. Tom Mercer, the committee chair, has been empowered to address those until they are complete.

The Senior Center Renovation Project was funded for an additional 601,000. This provides a total of 1.6M for the project to cover the current estimate. The Committee will now put out a formal bid for the work to be done to build out the second floor, add an elevator and do some other work in the building.

The complete notes taken live during the meeting can be found here:

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