Sunday, September 27, 2015

Improvement plans and accreditation are an ongoing cycle

The School Committee meeting featured the overviews of the school improvement plans for the 2015-2016 school year. The Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) and all the elementary schools presented. The Horace Mann Middle school also presented to give Shawn Fortin a chance to cover the work before he leaves in October.

(The new principal for Horace Mann was announced on Thursday as Rebecca Motte. She is currently an assistant principal at the Annie Sullivan Middle School.)

The school improvement plans build upon the District Improvement Plan presented in the prior School Committee meeting. Each school takes the district level plan and brings it to their level.

Links to each elementary school plan are included below. The district plan can be found here:

Other note worthy items from the meeting:

The FHS accreditation process will begin Mar 2017. Committee leads have been appointed, training is starting and more info will be shared as the process develops. Recall that one of the drivers of the new FHS facility was to help close an accreditation item. The new school building opened successfully in Sep 2014, the item was closed and the whole new accreditation review cycle will begin again.

On October 15, music students from around the District will be performing at the October Stroll in business locations downtown.

As fall arrives this week, the District is gearing up for first snow planning meeting. They are looking to make some refinements on the snow plan, including to the process for clearing the FHS parking lots.

Finally the last FHS building Committee was held and the committee will be officially disbanded as the work is now complete. This is an item on the Town Council agenda for Weds. 

Updated from the Town Council meeting, while the major work of the committee is complete, there remains a 'punch list' of items that still require attention. Tom Mercer, the committee chair, has been empowered to address those until they are complete.

The set of notes reported live from the meeting on Tuesday, Sep 22 can be found here: 

the entrance to the new FHS
the entrance to the new FHS

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