Thursday, September 17, 2015

Political signs - bylaw restriction removed

The ballot is not yet finalized yet signs are already appearing. How is that you ask? 

There used to be a bylaw restricting signs for a specific time before and after an election. However

"Federal courts have determined that the First Amendment prevents municipalities from imposing limits on the time period that political signs may be displayed.  
In response to these decisions, the Town Council amended the provisions of the Franklin Zoning Bylaw regulating signs in 2012 to remove the time limitation for political signs; this applies to both candidate signs and “public policy issue” signs.  
Political Signs subject in the Town Code can be found at Chapter 185 Section 20 D (3)."

You can find the bylaw section on the Franklin webpage here

When you find the section it reads as follows:

"Political signs shall not be subject to a time limit. Political signs shall otherwise comply with the requirements for temporary signs contained in Subsection D(1)(c) through (g)."

Franklin Town Common
Franklin Town Common

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