Sunday, September 13, 2015

In the News: opioid awareness walk, food pantries see increase in need

A procession of 200 people took to the streets of Milford midday Saturday to raise awareness of opioid addiction and celebrate the life of a young man who succumbed to that disease. 
The Missin' Matt Walk - a three-mile trek through town - was put on by the Missin' Matt Foundation, formed in honor of Hopedale resident Matt Bertulli after he died of a heroin overdose. 
Meghan Giacomuzzi, Matt's sister and a recovering addict herself, said the purpose of the walk was to raise awareness of an epidemic sweeping through the state. She said she and her mother recently started the foundation, which is raising funds in an effort to build a sober house in the area.

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It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes many just to feed them, according to area food pantries. 
“We serve about 30 towns and cities that make up MetroWest so we really count on the community,” said Joanne Barry, director at Natick’s A Place to Turn. 
“During the summer months it’s hard because organizations aren't meeting, schools aren't in session… our food spending, buying things, is just astronomical,” she said.
“We have (donations from) parishioners from St. Blaise, residents, local businesses, 
larger grants,” said Franklin’s Sue Durkin, director of the Loaves and Fishes pantry in Bellingham. “God seems to provide when we’re running low,” she said, noting that other pantries sometimes share their extras with smaller groups.

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