Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Live reporting: Discussion only items - policy updates

3. Discussion Only Items

• Policy – First Readings

  • GDCC – Staff, Family & Medical Leave
  • GDCC-E – Family & Medical Leave of Absence

bringing up to date and to ensure in synchronization with current contract erms

• Policy Elimination

  • JFABB – Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students

policy out dated and currently invalid due to other changes in the law
would require a full time staff person to manage if we were ti bring current
also due to the school choice decision, and current class size, this is being recommended to not continue

• Superintendent Evaluation
evaluation in similar format as the teachers

  • instructional leadership
  • management and operations
  • family and community engagement
  • professional development

overall rating came up as 'exemplary'

O'Malley - agree with the comments that the Superintendent is 'exemplary'

Trahan - agree with the comments, we are glad to have Maureen here

Jewell - gets personally involved when asked to, is truly a leader and it is shown by her time out when the staff took over and 'we did not skip a beat'
she does that at the same time she does the little things that matter

Clement - we wouldn't be able to bring them in unless they were good, the movements within the district shows that the best candidates are here and that is all due to the leadership at the top

Rohrbach - sets the standard, is the role model for the district

Douglas - your communications as superintendent far exceed what has been done previously, you are always available

Sabolinski - I must do my job, we are fortunate to be all working well together. We have a strong team. We spend time and effort on growing teacher leaders. Thanks to everyone I work with,

• Assistant Superintendent
Sally Winslow will be retiring on June 30th
thanks for seven years,  her skills will be missed
policy subcommittee, personnel investigations, personnel searches
already have plans for what she'll do for us next year in her next chapter of life

recommendation to move Peter Light as Assistant Superintendent
Paul Peri to move into the roll as Principal at High School
will require vote by the committee at next meeting

Mullen - it is not easy to be the #2 person, you have done it very well

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