Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NEASC Update to the School Committee

Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski provides an update on the NEASC accreditation process. The high school which had been on 'warning status' (from 1996) until the new building opened is now up for its first site visit and accreditation in the new building.

The presentation deck used is as follows:

March 12-15, 2017 will be the site visit
all this will be in preparation for the site visit

the accreditation report will likely be issued approx 6 months after the site visit and is delivered to the School Committee

the NEASC visit is looked at as a partnership between the Central Office and community in support of the High School. It is a peer review and validation of our K-12 educational process here in Franklin

it is an aspiration as the NEAC standards are higher than the common core

the site visit was supposed to be scheduled for last fall. IT was rescheduled as the building was just opening. NEASC agreed to the reschedule as it made sense to have been in the building for more than the year.

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