Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In the News: Senior Center 2nd floor expansion, Dean adds degree

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin

"Activities at the Franklin Senior Center have continued even as a renovation project on the building's second floor moves forward. 
Senior Center Director Karen Alves said construction work began on March 1, and that the center has remained open - though a bit limited. 
"It's partitioned off one wing of the building, which is making things pretty challenging," she said. "We've moved some programs off-site. 
"We're still busy, and we're still running about 95 percent of what we had been offering," she added."

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construction fences at the back of the Senior Center
construction fences at the back of the Senior Center

"Dean College, a private, residential college located in Franklin, was approved by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education to offer a new standalone bachelor’s degree. Beginning in fall 2016, students at Dean College will be able to complete a Bachelor of Science in sport fitness, recreation and coaching. 
The new B.S. program will prepare students for a career in any aspect of the athletic world, including coaching, physical education and exercise science. 
“We are very excited to offer to our students a solid, professional pathway to careers in fields as diverse as corporate fitness, professional coaching, and community recreation,” said Dr. Michael Fishbein, vice president of academic affairs at Dean College. “The technical knowledge and skills students will master will ready them to enter the playing field at a run.”

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