Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Live reporting: Closing

looking to sign agreement on 25 Kenwood Circle for temporary location of Library
likely to close Apr 8th for the move

regular meetings on the downtown project to resume

follow up on school building maint
coming with the School Dept presentation

question on the insurance costs
question on staff vs. consultants estimates, need to follow through to ensure the money is well spent, Bissanti is confused about growth statement by the Council

Pellegri - billboard?
the proposal walked away

Padula - Mr Bissanti should show us all the nooks and cranies

Vallee - Question on current free cash
Nutting - Free cash balance, $2.059,000

Dellorco, charter review commission, council doesn't have the power they need to ahve


Jones - Red sox to honor hockey team Apr 13, which is also the Trivia Bee night

Dellorco - congrats to Chris Spillane and all the kids there, this was supposed to be a rebuilding year and they won it all

Pfeffer - not likely a development doesn't mean we don't like children, I find that insulting
Library architect has chosen a design, the building will be closed for a year
will all the fund raising from the Friends of the Library, and the Library association, and the community; because we are opening it up, need to bring the central units up to code
frescos were done when the library where first opened
panoramic photos of the frescos were taken

Padula - congrat for finally doing something with the Pond St property
thanks to the scouts for the pledge
congrats to the Hockey team

Kelly- congrats to the hockey team
having police officers as coaches is huge
hockey team to come for a future meeting

Mercer - congrats to the hockey team, coaches, staff, etc.
Senior Center renovations ongoing
mechanical engineer has come up with a design for the high school problem, repairs underway

motion to adjourn, seconded, passed 9-0

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