Monday, March 7, 2016

Kingsbury Ponds makes the Boston Globe, Franklin residents start their own petition

The Kingsbury Pond issue has reached the Boston Globe:

"Mark Gilmore’s patio once overlooked a soothing expanse of spring-fed water in a state-protected “great pond.” These days, Gilmore looks out at a lengthening stretch of rock-strewn dirt. 
Kingsbury Pond, once 26 acres, is now closer to a 9-acre puddle. And angry residents who live on its wooded shores are quick to name a culprit: the neighboring town of Franklin, which operates a nearby well that sucks up hundreds of thousands of gallons of groundwater every day.

“It’s starting to get scary. You can’t just suck a pond dry,” said Gilmore, who like many neighbors thinks Franklin is siphoning water from an aquifer that should be filling Kingsbury Pond. “This is the lowest that anybody has seen it — ever.”
But where the pond’s admirers see a water-guzzling goliath next door, Franklin officials and some environmentalists see something more benign: a dry 2015 that lowered water levels across Massachusetts."

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Kingsbury Pond, Norfolk
Kingsbury Pond, Norfolk

  • It was reported earlier about the Kingsbury Pond area residents starting a petition online.

  • Franklin residents have started their own petition in support of finding a solution

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