Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Live reporting: Legislation for Action

no reports, EDC wants to set a meeting


  • Resolution 16-11: Declaration of Town-Owned Land on Grove Street (Portion of Former Nu-Style Property) as Surplus and Available for Disposition
Motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0
  • Resolution 16-12: Authorization for Municipal Aggregation of Electricity
Bernie Lynch, Mark Capadona
  • this provides opt in and opt out choices
  • aggregation provides choice, stability and savings
  • designed to protect customer rights
  • no penalties for customers
  • largest aggregation company, also a MA company
  • local oversight and control with program
  • approximate Dec of 2016 for electricity to flow
  • possible savings 100-250 mentioned on typical household
  • we are enrolled initially, can opt in

  • Resolution 16-13: Appropriation: Town Administrator: Insurance Recovery Account – 28123490
motion, seconded, passed 8-0
any insurance claim over $20K needs to be authorized by the Council

Pfeffer - problem with the $5K deductible as it was a problem from the beginning

Mercer - the deductible is a topic of discussion with the principles involved, this allows us to get moving and to recoup the funds

  • Resolution 16-14: Appropriation: Records Management – Assessors
motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0
Kevin Doyle, Director Assessors office
  • need most recent 40 years of records for processing
  • need to reduce the volume and reorganize the space available for the records
  • info does grow annually
  • little time to work on the backlog of records to get them organized
  • some digital records are allowed but they can not be the 'official' record

  • Bylaw Amendment 16-755: Chapter 179, Water – 1st Reading
motion to amend from 21 to 30 days, seconded, passed 7-1 (Pfeffer no)
move as amended to second reading, seconded, passed 8-0
looking for a different process to get access to replace the water meter

  • Bylaw Amendment 16-756: Chapter 170 Vehicles and Traffic Article X Winter Storm Overnight Parking – 1st Reading
adjusting the bylaw to cover all public parking during the storm periods to allow DPW to plow

move as amended to second reading, seconded, passed 8-0
parking at Depot St, or at the Library, Fletcher Field, and sometimes the school
notification via website, reverse 911, police called in to get owners to move cars

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