Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ALERT: Changing Downtown Traffic Pattern Coming at the End of June

Dear Franklin Resident:

This is the first announcement to the community that the traffic pattern will be changing in Downtown Franklin toward the end of June, 2016. The one-way traffic pattern in downtown, which many have become accustomed to, will be changing to two-way traffic. Yes, that’s correct: traffic around the downtown triangle will soon become two-way! We encourage everyone to take it a little slower in their daily business to make sure you get accustomed to the new flow of traffic.

While the date has not been specified yet when the traffic pattern will become two-way, we can’t begin to educate the community soon enough. We encourage you to follow the town website and social media (Facebook, Twitter) feeds, as well as the Town’s traditional local media channels to stay tuned for specific updates over the coming month. We are counting on you to help spread the word.

Downtown Map 

A map is attached of the new traffic routes. I encourage you to print it out, send it to friends and family and begin to spread the word.

Future Notification

As part of the construction contract with the state, the Town will be placing electronic boards at all intersections of downtown when the traffic transitions to two-way. New lane markings will be painted around the entire downtown, as well as signage in key areas. Individual letters will also be distributed to all downtown businesses to help educate their customers of the traffic flow when exiting their business. The Town will also be doing as much publicity as possible through its own social media feeds and through traditional local media channels on this pattern change.

Public Benefits

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the community for their patience during the recent construction in downtown. The Town is installing many public benefits, including new sidewalks, new paving, better pedestrian-friendly accommodations, and many beautification efforts to enhance the vibrancy of the downtown. The planning effort for this project has taken well over a decade and I am confident residents will enjoy the new amenities.

If any resident has any questions, feel free to contact the Town Administrator’s Office at 508-520-4949.


Jeff Nutting, Town Administrator
Jamie Hellen, Deputy Town Administrator

recent construction underway to complete the work before switching  to the new two-way traffic pattern in June
recent construction underway to complete the work before switching
to the new two-way traffic pattern in June

The memo on the Traffic Pattern containing the map with the new two-way flow

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