Sunday, May 15, 2016

Recap: School Committee spends time on FHS updates and choses to keep school vacations as they are for 2017-2018

The School Committee meeting this past Tuesday was a long and good one finishing after 9:00 PM.

Franklin High School presented a number of updates on the following topics:
a. Math Team - Robert Akie, FHS Teacher  
b. Robotics at FHS -  Alyssa Taranto, FHS Teacher  
c. Computer Science Programming - Jason Chetlen, FHS Teacher  
d. Poetry Out Loud - Ron DiBona and Dan Hudder, FHS Teachers  
e. Video Production - Autism Awareness PSA, Heather Moreau, FHS Teacher  
f. Science NHS - Family Science Night, Ann Butler, FHS Teacher  
g. Empty Bowls - Partnership with Franklin Food Pantry, Brenna Johnson, FHS Teacher  
h. MASS Academic Excellence Awards - Emily Waite & Domenic Narducci

Details on each of the updates can be found in the live reporting section here

Emily Waite, Dominic Narducci, School Committee Chair O'Malley, Superintendent Sabolinski
Emily Waite, Dominic Narducci, School Committee Chair O'Malley, Superintendent Sabolinski

After all the high school updates, the School Wellness Advisory Committee provided an update on their work. (see link for details)

The school calendar discussion resumed with the choice between the two options. Option 1 was approved as the 'recommendation' by a vote of the committee as a whole. It was then voted to amend twice, one to make the Wednesday before Thanksgiving a full no school day, and two, to move the Professional Development Day from the Monday of the last week of August to the Friday before the Labor Day weekend. All three votes were approved 7-0. So after much ado, additional sub committee work, etc. the possibility of a change to one vacation (either Mar or Apr) from the Feb/Apr schedule the district has today will wait for the 'next time'.

When the 'final' 2017-2018 calendar is posted it should appear here

The detailed notes taken live during the meeting Tuesday can be found here

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