Sunday, May 15, 2016

"This pipeline will cost us $4 billion with a tariff on our electric utility bills"

Dear Franklin residents,

Here are a few reasons why the Franklin Town Council should join Sharon and Walpole in passing resolutions against the proposed Spectra Energy natural gas pipeline that would run dangerously close to homes and the existing old pipeline.

1. The Marcellus shale fracked gas contains radon and benzene.
2. Shale fields pollute water and release greenhouse gases causing climate change.
3. Fracking has increased earthquakes exponentially.
4. There have been numerous gas explosions throughout the country.
5. A Spectra pipeline exploded on 4/29/16 in Pennsylvania destroying homes and badly burning a man.
6. Old and new gas pipes leak methane into the atmosphere causing climate change.
7. According to there are 41 leaks in Franklin and over 20,000 in Massachusetts.
8. According to Representative Roy, if they repair 17% of the worst leaks we could save 40% of the gas.
9. There's no motivation to repair leaks as consumers pay for all the escaped gas on their utility bills.
10. According to numerous publications and recent permits most of this gas will travel to Nova Scotia for export.
11. This pipeline will cost us $4 billion with a tariff on our electric utility bills.
12. The Attorney General's independent study indicated we don't need more pipelines.
13. According to Distrigas, LNG by ship can make up the difference until we have more renewable energy.
14. There are an average of only 30 days a year when electric companies might need imported LNG.
15. There are plans for two hydroelectric lines from Quebec and for three large offshore wind farms.
16. Spectra is allowed to take as much as 150' on each side of the pipeline corridor decreasing property values and damaging the environment and possibly aquifers.
17.The future of our children and grandchildren depend on decreasing the use of fossil fuels.
18. Both Sharon and Walpole have passed resolutions against the proposed Spectra Energy pipeline.
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Jim Hill

No Spectra sign on Franklin lawn
No Spectra sign on Franklin lawn

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