Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Live reporting: Legislation through Closing

EDC meeting explored farm related events, farmers market to do wine tastings
coming up for a future meeting


1 - Resolution 16-31: DPW – Road Construction and Maintenance – Simple majority vote

motion to approve, seconded, passed via roll call 9-0

proposal for chip sealing and crack sealing
using rubber chip seal which is not as dirty as prior, been used for 3 years

2 - Bylaw Amendment 16-759: Amendment of Service Fees: Solid Waste and Recycling – 1st Reading (Motion to move Bylaw Amendment 16-759 to a 2nd Reading, Simple Majority)
motion to move to second reading as amended, seconded, approved via roll call 9-0

small increase in trash due to recycling cost increase
going back to 204 which it was in 2013
it could go back up unless the recycling rates change

without use of surplus, the increase could be 14
we used to get paid for recycling, now we are paying for recycling

motion to amend the rate for the smaller cart to keep at $180
motion to approve, seconded, passed via roll call 9-0

3 - Zoning Bylaw Amendment 16-753: Zoning Map Changes from Single Family Residential IV to General Residential V in an Area on or near West Central Street – Continued 1st Reading (Motion to move Zoning Bylaw Amendment 16-753 to a 2nd Reading, Simple Majority vote)
motion to move to 2nd reading, seconded, approved via roll call 7-1-1  (Bissanti recused; Padula - no)
  • Councilor Bissanti recuses himself
Pellegri asked questions on why the Planning Board disapproved this measure and could not find out why

spot zoning is difficult to prove but this would not necessarily apply in this case

this issue has gone back and forth, someone has come forward to develop this as multifamily and it would be better than commercial

Planning Board did oppose this because of the sight distance and traffic implications for commercial, but residential would mitigate that issue

Pfeffer - RT 140 can't be commercial because of the road, I am not for multiunit but in this space it is the best use

Is this the D'Errico project, there is nothing official?

He did come to the EDC to discuss possible future plans

4 - Resolution 16-32: Compensation Plan – FY 2017 – Simple majority vote
motion to continue to next meeting, seconded, passed via roll call 9-0


acknowledge letter from Norfolk Fire in appreciation of our assistance a couple of weeks ago
EMS week next week

DelCarte should re-open next Monday, pour concrete today
it rained all last week which delayed this

2-way traffic to come end of June or July
grind roadway and then begin paving in early June


  • Discussion on Recommendation to amend the Council Procedures Manual
Director of Open Government (DOG, yes really!)
captions of old and new business do not put citizens on reasonable notice of what will be discussed, sample from AG's office to make modification for the procedures manual and to the agenda notification

recommendation to put on a future agenda

4th of July celebration, what is the story on the fireworks, there are no fireworks at the high school

School Committee hosting coffee hours, we should be able to do something like that

would like to see a resolution on providing services to Cottage Court, if we did a resolution, it would be once and for all

the reason is why we can't do the fireworks at the FHS fields, we do not yet have ownership back from the contractor yet
the fire marshall was out here a few years ago and we looked all over there was something wrong with all the other areas


Pfeffer - contractor for the library in place and working
meeting with all the subcontractors
some trees are going to come down
2000 books, etc have been inventoried, now stored via Excel
fence to go up around the Library

To discuss strategy with respect to litigation relative to the Plain Street Tax Title land


motion to adjourn, via roll call 9-0

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