Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Live reporting: School Wellness Advisory Committee (SWAC)

Was the wellness committee

It is a standing committee, multiple parties represented

we set goals and have tangible progress each year

Page 4 - role/requirements of group

Page 5 - three goals set in mental health, physical activity and nutrition

the guidance update provided at a prior School Committee meeting reflects some of the details of the goals achieved

over 200 in ski program during winter

expanding implementation of breakfast to all the schools, one at a time
school gardens growing, raised beds at some of the schools

hydroponic garden at Parmenter growing lettuce, chard, and tomatoes

84.5% of the students on grades 6-12 responded to the wellness survey
21.5% of the parents, and 51.8% of the faculty

Key findings, parents are not always aware of what is going on in the schools
need to do a better job of communicating and sharing the information (Page 15)

"While you have spoken to the high number of yeses, there are 25% of the parents are saying there is not enough being done"

sought alternative ways, through partnerships (i.e. Reebok with the BOKS program)

collaboration, Franklin will help train the Y summer staff in some of the 'zones of regulation' so there will be consistent language used

track/field and wrestling are both non-cut sports

trying to meet the needs of kids either in the morning or after school
with different physical activities

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