Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Live reporting: FHS Update

Principal Peter Light

  • FHS Math

FHS Math team was first in the division and then qualified to the State meet
compete in five different categories of math topics
team members compete in different categories to work on their strengths
also work in groups to solve problems
goal setting session at beginning of year was to 'win this thing'

  • Robotics Club

The "Rattle City Robotics" team
new robot required for each school year, needs to be designed and programmed to compete
looking for sponsors
Froyo Party, May 23 20% of sales from 3:00 - 9:00 PM
coupon needed to present to get funding

  • Computer Science

only in second year
this year less often but have more impactful time
entered code days in Boston
competed twice already this year
24 hours, noon Sat to noon on Sun, no sleep but lots of fun
pitch ideas, form team and then start building a project

1st time, a cowboy game
award for good teamwork
award for creativity

2nd time, a robot revolution game
award for best game

  • Poetry Out Loud

over 1,000 students read poems in the competition this year
24 past FHS students came in to be judges
once whittled down to 45, semi-final round
final round 12 read

chose poem from the poetryoutloud.org site

Blackberry Picking, Seamus Heaney (read outloud)

Mingus at the Showplace (read outloud)

  • Panther TV Club

The video was posted earlier

  • Science National Honor Society 

successful science night Mar 30, over 300 students came with parents
included additional programing, opened to grades from K up

robotics game was to drive the robot to pop a balloon
the kids loved popping the balloons

video summary of the night

Environmental Club, Recycling Club, Communications Group

  • Empty Bowls

The empty bowls dinner raised over $6,000 for the Franklin Food Pantry
long history with the empty bowls club, maybe 15 years ago
approx. 50 students participating weekly
engaged with the arts and giving back to the community
about 650 families are served by the Food Pantry

all roads in Franklin lead to the high school so it makes it easy for the collaboration among the schools

"This is a small sample of what is happening at the high school"

"I love hearing the students thank their teachers, it reflects on your parents and family"

(4 and half minute break to let the high school students and faculty_

  • NEASC - New England Association of Schools and Colleges

accreditation body for the New England area

David Soulard, guidance counselor, co-leader of the team
for the 10-year cycle
(presentation doc pages 23 to the end)

year long effort to evaluate against 7 standards
visitors next March 2017 will come to do an onsite portion of the report evaluation

recommendations lead to a 3-5 year study and remediations where required

teaching and learning standard

  • core values, beliefs and learning expectations
  • curriculum
  • instruction
  • assessment of and for student learning

multiple surveys to gather information/data from students, faculty and family members

107 faculty members involved with the seven standard areas

over 2100 Endicott Survey responses to be analyzed

Q - What can we do to help you?
nothing at the moment, other than perhaps adding more hours to the day
it will be hard work but we are underway

Q - What have you seen thus far in the gaps?
things are in process, the standards are evolving, the curriculum is also evolving
the primary focus is the framework and the standards, NEASC can be prescriptive in their language, we want to be careful how we approach this

funding down the road, when we look at funding, that is a discussion will be something we have had hear, will we have the funding to replace the chromebooks when they need to be?

it is hard to see what the needs are when everything is new and shiny

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