Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tri-County students looking for internships in law enforcement, public safety, and/or legal services

Via Mrs Bastien:
"The students in the Legal and Protective Services program at Tri-County RVTHS are looking for part-time jobs and internships! 
 I'm one of the teachers of this new criminal justice program. Message me or comment below if you know of any law offices, public agencies, private agencies, or businesses that have anything to do with criminal justice and are located in the Franklin area that would accept high school students who want to work.  
My seniors have 8 different industry certifications and excellent academic credentials. Give local kids a chance!  
Feel free to share this post. Thanks everyone."

Legal and Protective Services
Legal and Protective Services

Future areas of employment include, but are not limited to:

• 911/Dispatch Operator
• Armed Services
• Border Patrol Agent
• Computer Security Specialist
• Court Officer/Bailiff
• Court Personnel
• EMT/Paramedic
• FBI Agent
• Firefighter
• First Responder
• Fish and Game Warden
• Forensic Technician
• Homeland Security Officer
• Immigration Officer
• Law Clerk
• Law Student
• Legal Services
• Loss Prevention Officer
• Paralegal
• Police Officer
• Private Investigator
• Probation Officer
• Secret Service
• Security Guard
• Sheriff
• Social Worker
• Transit and Railroad Officers
• Victim/Witness Advocate

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