Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Live reporting: Historical Commission update

- Historical Commission

Mary Olsson

hired two interns for part time work at the museum
Allison Anderson, BA and working on Masters

hired to assess needs of the collection and propose suggestions
more was required than simple inventory
some items were not relevent to the collection, and not enough storage for the items that should be cared for carefully

dependent upon an inventory developed in the 1970's

collection well connected to community
dusting and cleaning needed to create a safe working environment
items exposed to potential damage
permanent and safe storage needed
volunteers do not have the knowledge or expertise to do the inventory and assessment

at least 300 post cards with fully inventory
post card printing blocks are rare and a few were found, they also have post cards made with the blocks

weight of the clothing stacked potentially damaged the items on the bottom of the piles

a rare find of a child's dress from the 1880's in good condition

high quality scans of photos make the images more readily accessible

a guide developed by one of the interns will help future volunteer work

social media is a good way to build interaction with the museum
the Instagram account was linked to Facebook and volume of interactions increased

many weaknesses are highlighted, a part time curator would be worthwhile
the project set up a framework for future work to build upon

continued investment in people and supplies are vital

The historical commission has done good work getting to this point

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