Monday, October 3, 2016

Ballot Question 2: Teachers on opposite sides

In the Magazine section of the Boston Sunday Globe, Oct 2, there was an article with a question and answer for two teachers on opposite sides of the charter school ballot question.

"Question 2, the referendum on November’s Massachusetts state ballot proposing to let up to 12 more charter schools open or expand each year than current limits, is expected to draw a record-setting $30 million in TV advertising spending by backers and opponents by the time polls open. The dollars might seem out of whack, given that if Question 2 passes it would be more than a decade before even 10 percent of the state’s public schools were charters (today just 78 of our 1,854 K-12 public schools are). 
The proposal looks incremental, but, nationally, this ballot question is seen as a shootout at the OK Corral for charter schools, says Paul Reville, who was then governor Deval Patrick’s secretary of education and is now a professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. He says Question 2 could eventually see hundreds of millions of dollars in state aid follow students to charter schools, threatening the status quo."

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Voter Information mailer for Nov 8, 2016
Voter Information mailer for Nov 8, 2016

The MA.Gov summary of Question 2 can be found here

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