Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Senator Ross: September 2016 State House Update

Senator Richard J. Ross, State House Update, September 2016
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State Senator Richard J. Ross (R-Wrentham) proudly serving the Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex District.

State House
Room 419
Boston, MA 02133

Ph: 617-722-1555
Fax: 617-722-1054
Email: richard.ross@masenate.gov
Dear Friends,

I have made it a priority to meet and listen to residents of every town in our district. Hearing your comments and concerns is an important part of representing my constituents in Boston.

Please read/share my monthly newsletter for updates on what is happening in the district as well as important resources for both citizens and local farmers.

I am honored to serve you and look forward to the new legislative term. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Dear Constituent:

It has been a great honor to serve you in the Massachusetts State Senate for the past six years.

I work hard each and every day to make sure you have the most effective representation possible and that your voice is heard in all state matters.

We have addressed many challenges in our State, but we have so much more to do to ensure that we can reach our full potential and greatly improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents.

This is why I am asking for your help in identifying the issues most important to you, and where you want me to focus my efforts in the new session.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. To do so, click the "Give Feedback" button below.

Thank you.
Give Feedback

As the fall season approaches, it is important to remember that mosquitoes are still present. With recent cases of West Nile Virus found in Massachusetts, I urge my constituents to take precaution and be preventative against mosquito bites.
Prevent mosquitoes and mosquito bites by:
  • Applying insect repellent when outdoors: Be sure to use a repellent with an EPA-registered ingredient.
  • Be aware of peak mosquito hours: Dusk to dawn is the peak hours for mosquitoes, so try to avoid outdoor activities during this time.
  • Wear long-sleeves and other protective clothing to keep mosquitoes away from the skin
  • Drain standing water: Mosquitoes lay eggs in bodies of standing water. Be sure to drain rain gutters and change water in birdbaths often.


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