Thursday, December 15, 2016

Live reporting: Zoning Board of Appeals - Dec 15, 2016

Present: Kerwin, Hunchard, Twardowski, Acevedo, Luke,
Absent: Brunelli 

21 Peck Street and 180 Cottage Street, 

Madalene Village - MV Cottage Development LLC
Applicant is seeking a building permit to construct a 40 unit townhome style development. The building permit is denied without a comprehensive permit from the ZBA.

abutters who wish to speak need to sign in on the sheet at the meeting

added a sewer lift station to the plans
32 units, approx 9,000 gallons for project
tunnel tank to hold storage, approx 15,000 gallons
equipped with a valve pit for maintenance
located adjacent to the stream

adjusted calculation for stream flow
relocation of stream actually should calculate as getting less water with the proposal

issue with infiltration affects the flow
and affects the number of units

constructing the waiver list to get to the board

will be requesting an extension
waivers to be submitted next week
next week is Jan 5th

will write up extension

looking to negotiate on the number of units pending a  connection for sewer

Angela Wislaw, Bob
haven't had a chance to see the sewer station, so the extension is a good thing
Conservation Commission has sent letters to the Office
Dr Craig here to talk about impact to the wetlands area
streams sometimes to need to be field verified, rather than just using an application

applicant seeking waivers from the local bylaws which should be addressed

Army Corp of Engineers has jurisdiction over the re-routing of the stream
has spoken to the developers in regarding the re-direction

the storm water report raises questions
Q7 - did the drought factor in for the measurement of the water table
test pits dug over the course of time, how did that affect the calculations
it is extensive to keep the basins clear and free to enable drainage flow, is there something build in to cover the cost in the future for repairs
Fire Chief has concerns expressed in a letter to the Board

the density of this project is still a concern, something needs to be designed for the safety of the residence

the plot plan raises a question, inconsistencies about a section appearing to be owned by Town of Franklin
A - the land is owned by the developer

relocation of the sream would move the boundary to the Town lands as it owuld abut Fletcher Field

Dr Craig - to speak a little more to the environmental issues
the area is wetland, and greenspace
(doctor of biology and background in wildlife management)
strong stream present even in a drought, definitely a wetland issue to be addressed
does provide wildlife habitat in the center of town

A - test pits were done and evaluated by certified personnel

A - condo association would be responsible for the costs in the future
there is a maintenance schedule specified by the manufacturer

Joanne Pasquentonio - why does the brook need to be re-routed?

A - The brook runs down the center of the proposed roadway

Chris Parish - if under the Town's jurisdiction today
If the stream re-routed, who owns the stream then?

Hunchard, I would assume it would be the Condo association responsibility

Responsibility of the stream re-routing lies outside the area of the ZBA
9.35% affordable, we are not at 10%

waivers of local ConComm being asked for, hence the State regs would come into play

the applicant will be more specific in the waiver declaration
make the extention nfor the 19th to cover for winter events, coming up the for the next meeting Jan 5th

motion to continue the public hearing at 1/5/17 at 7:35PM
seconded, passed, unanimous

The video replay for this meeting is now available from Franklin TV

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