Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Real time reporting: Capital Budget Process

Asst Superintendent Peter Light provides an update on the capital needs for the School Dept.

(no handout provided before the meeting)

Asst Superintendent Peter Light talks about the budget items

1 - Curriculum materials for new Science standards (top priority)

  • K-8 proposal for a text book online, 5 year license
  • teaching development and training to come from operational budget
  • $200,000 is the final negotiated amount from vendor 
  • 2 years ago, the K-5 math program was $185,000
  • Q - What does this replace? A - nothing and everything, this brings a consistent approach to what we have which is outdated. Provides scope and sequence for the MA frameworks

Bilello - This product is aligned to the MA standards, developed by Rice Univ specialists, and involved the teachers in the evaluation and selection process. Kudos to the Central Office for the process to select this. Well done!

2 - Additional student chromebooks
additional units to continue the expansion of the 1:1 initiative at FHS. 1st round of replacement units, estimate at about 1,000 to be replaced across the district. The numbers will be updated during the school year as the inventory is updated and is also a function of the capital available. One other factor is also the replacement cost, seeking the best option.

Getting to develop a replacement and lifecycle for the chromebooks.
Need to get into the discussion with new superintendent to have an overall technology plan.
Could be an annual investment of $800,000 to $1M to incorporate the replacement plan. Needs to be part of the overall financial plan, where will the money come from? Current budget is 85% personnel costs.

Discussion on accidental policy and insurance coverage paid for by parents/students

(left off reporting for work meeting)

3 - Laptops for elementary staff 

4 - Older smart board to be replaced

5 - Improvements at Davis Thayer

6 - Cafeteria 

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