Monday, December 12, 2016

"water levels have been declining all year"

"Many fear the impending cold weather will accompany dreaded snowfall, but this winter, many are actually hoping that the white stuff will replenish water sources depleted by the several-month-long drought. 
While some towns are beginning to recover from this year's detrimental drought, others are still facing declining water supply triggered by a lack of rain. 
Every region in the state, with the exception of the Cape and the Islands remains in a drought warning, according to a state Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs statement released Friday. 
Although many areas of the state experienced some rain and snow this past month, year-long averages are still well below normal."

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U.S. Drought Monitor Map Archive - MA 12/06/16
U.S. Drought Monitor Map Archive - MA 12/06/16

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